Schaef Designs Aqua Chalcedony Briolette, Prasiolite Green Amethyst, and prehnite nuggets with 24kt Gold Vermeil Ornate Toggle Closure Gemstone Bracelet | New Mexico Schaef Designs Aqua Chalcedony Prehnite Prasiolite & 22kt Gold Vermeil Bracelet This bracelet reminds me of the delicate and exotic "Luna Moths" that I used to see drawn to lights in the summer... Dreamy bracelet of aqua chalcedony teardrop briolettes, pastel prehnite onion briolettes and faceted nuggets surround 1 large clear (with natural inclusions) green prasiolite (green amethyst) nugget all hand wrapped in gold. So feminine and lovely to wear.

Bracelet measures 8 inch single strand asymetric bracelet with 24kt brushed gold vermeil toggle and stunning rich chalcedony briolette and gold charm.

Price: $395.00

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