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Maverick Style is a bold new enterprise, showcasing big city style in the spirit of the West - upscale clothing, sterling silver jewelry, trendy accessories, sophisticated home decor, exclusive boutiques, art, music, and more! Stop by and explore the best in the West!

If you love animals you will want to visit Lee Barwood's website. It is chock full of wonderful information about pet's of all kinds plus links to many other sites similar in nature.

Another site that has vital information for dog lovers is Dog Aware.com website. This is such a comprehensive site for dog owners. Not only does Mary Straus tell anecdotal stories involving her successes treating kidney disease, there are many supporting sites for extended information on so many topics as well as resources for items that you may hard to find. Mary's research and dedication to providing dogs and their owners a wonderful life together is commendable.

If you need a harpist for your wedding, party, or get together see Harp's Desire . What could be more beautiful than the sound of a beautiful harp?

Matt Leinart Blog: the blog of Arizona Cardinals quarterback, former USC quarterback. Find information about the NFL, photos, and much more.

Bad to the Bones Fashion Graphic Tee Shirts, Caps, Greeting Cards and more.

Isabel Smith: pet portraits, illustrator, and artist. See a sample of her work to the leftright.

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