Schaef Designs Jewelry off white agate long necklace, pottery shard deer antler tine & chinese writing stone pendant and large sterling silver Navajo Pearl Necklace | New Mexico

Antler Pottery Shard & Chrysocolla Pendant on Layers of Black Onyx Necklaces Pairing

What a pairing! Solid Jet Black Onyx and Sterling Silver layering necklaces paired with Old Style Navajo Pearls and a stunning necklace of Anasazi Pottery Shard, antler tine, and chrysocolla cabochon. A beautitul pairing of the finest in the Schaef Designs Southwestern Basics Collection.

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Schaef Designs Chrysocolla Pottery Shard Antler & Sterling Silver Pendant| New Mexico  Schaef Designs Sterling Silver Saucer Bead Navajo Pearl Necklaces | New Mexico Schaef Designs black onyx & Sterling Silver Southwestern Basics Tube Bead Necklace | New Mexico

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