Schaef Designs green & black Hubei turquoise large pebble bead & sterling silver necklace set | Arizona

Schaef Designs Sterling Silver Navajo Pearl Southwestern Necklace Set

From Schaef Designs Jewelry Southwestern Basics Necklace Collection these necklaces are rare and gorgeous. Hard to find large Hubei turquoise pebble beads in emerald green and jet black are paired with vintage style sterling silver Navajo pearls and closed with large sterling silver shepherds hook & eye. Since the Hubei mine has been closed this turquoise is sky rocketing in price and becoming harder and harder to find.

Long necklace measures 23 1/2 inches from end to end & shorter necklace measures 21 inches from end to end including large hook closure.

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Schaef Designs Long Spiny Oyster Turquoise Nuggets & Sterling Silver Navajo Pearl Necklace | Arizona

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