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Schaef Designs Brown & Off White Trade Bead & Sterling Silver 3 Strand Endangered Species African Animal Charm Bracelet

In the early 90's I was taken with animal charm bracelets by Susan Cummings and purchased one at Neiman Marcus. I've been an avid collector for over 25 years and now am parting with some of my collection. This bracelet has over the top charms is 3 strands of sterling silver chain & African Trade Beads, Amber plus toggle closure. The animals are lightweight in spite of their sizer. Get ready for the compliments! Susan Cummings vintage charm bracelets are almost as endangered as the many animals she features on them. Bracelet features a hippo, zebra, rhino, chimpanzee, elephant, gorilla, & giraff. It was remade due to poor vintage condition at thime of purchase. Every effort to be as original as possible has been made. Chain & toggle are new. It is sturdy and will offer years of enjoyment.

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Bracelet measures 8 inches from end to end including the toggle closure.

Price: $1699.00

Susan Cummings for IWLF endangered species animal sterling silver charm necklace | Schaef Designs | New Mexico Schaef Designs Septarian Nodule, Trade Beads & Sterling Silver Endangered Species Animal Charm Necklace | New Mexico

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