Bobby Schaefer started making jewelry with beads bought at an Indian store in Wisconsin at the age of 5. A passion for wearable art was born at that early age. Strongly influenced by Native American artistry and beliefs, many of her designs include turquoise, totem animals, healing gemstones, and crystals. Selecting all stones by how they feel for each piece of jewelry is important to achieve a finished product that feels as good as it looks when being worn. Schaefer feels that people are intuitively drawn to stones with healing powers needed by the wearer, as well as life lessons from the totem animals. When the right combinations of stones are blended they give life and brilliance to each other and the person wearing them.

Schaef Designs started in Southern California in 1989 by Bobby Schaefer. She designed, manufactured, and sold custom couture knits to an exclusive list of clients. When collections were complete, jewelry was frequently custom made to go with each garment in complimentary colors, lengths appropriate for various necklines, and styled for all occasions. In some instances, garments were designed to coordinate with the jewelry.

A collector by nature, Bobby started acquiring beads and stones of all sorts at an early age and saving them for just the right design. Believing it is important to embrace ones uniqueness in life, Schaefer loves designing jewelry that compliments the essence of the wearer with rare and exotic treasures from nature or someone’s old jewelry box. Everything from an exotic button, antique trading beads, vintage brooches, and a broken strand of pearls from a favorite aunt is incorporated into her necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Stones, pearls, charms, brooches, and pendants from favorite artists are purchased from around the world and incorporated into many one of a kind designs. 

A naturalist at heart, Schaefer enjoys designing, after working in the garden, choosing colors currently visible in a colorful flower bed. Also her love of animals shows up frequently in her jewelry. Not only does she have a Series dedicated to totem animals, there are endangered species and an entire collection for cat and dog lovers.

Her children’s Heirloom Collection was inspired by her granddaughter, Skylr, after receiving a special request from her for a pink necklace with a butterfly on it. 

Schaefer feels that giving back to our society is important too. For this reason, she is now establishing mutual relationships with several charities so that portions of the sales of specified items will be donated to these foundations. In most cases, specific designs will be developed especially for the charity that will benefit from the sales of each piece.

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